Where the arms hook onto the body

Where the arms hook onto the body is a posthumous collaboration with my Granny, Edith Marcelle Love Campbell (1918-2003). Amish friendship bread, or Herman, is a living culture that must be regularly fed and baked in order to keep it alive. My grandmother shared her bread culture with bakers in our rural southern community. Descendants of her culture are still being used to make bread today. In this project I make and share my Granny’s bread.

The title comes from the way my Granny described her aches and pains in her later years. The work continues this communal practice that she loved. I invite people to share their memories of someone or something that is no longer. In exchange, I offer bread and I share a memory of my Granny.

Where the arms hook onto the body has been performed in multiple venues and exhibitions, including: Local Histories: The Ground We Walk On, University of North Carolina Art Department and Town of Chapel Hill, NC; University of Tennessee, Knoxville; and Many kinds of nothing, Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA.